Teenage Wife Stabs Husband To Death Over Sex, 11 Days After Wedding

An 18-year-old housewife, Salman Hassan, from Itas Gadau in Bauchi State, has stabbed her husband, Mohammed Mustapha, to death allegedly over sex, just after 11 days of marriage. Continue reading “Teenage Wife Stabs Husband To Death Over Sex, 11 Days After Wedding”

Relationship: How I married 58 wives ~ Odo

“I marry another wife anytime my older wives insult me”, — Native doctor with 58 wives says.


The popular Enugu’s native doctor, Simon Odo, a.k.a Onu Uwa, has explained that he marries a new wife anytime his older wives insult him.

While explaining why he married the 58th wife recently, Odo, who is also known as the ‘king of satan’ said he cannot stomach insolence and unruly behaviours from women folks, adding that he marries new wife anytime he was let down by the attitude of his wives.

He spoke during an exclusive interview with Vanguard at his country home, Aji, in Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu State, Sunday, saying “I marry anytime any of my new wives insult me. I cannot stand a woman insulting me.

“If there are 20 dead men in Nigeria for instance, only five of them died naturally. The other 15 were caused by heartbreaks and bad attitudes from their wives. That is why I marry anytime a woman insults me.”

When asked how he provides for his extended family, he explained that God did not make mistakes by giving him plenty children, adding that He provides for all His creatures. He alleged that the actions of humanity have put God in a state of confusion. Continue reading “Relationship: How I married 58 wives ~ Odo”

Opinion: Let’s talk about sex – Agunze Onwuka

There are some basic points people need to know about sex.

Self-restraint or self-discipline is great but:

1. Not every man can rape a woman. To be able to rape a woman, a man has to be sexually turned on when a woman is struggling, crying, pleading, bleeding, drugged, unhappy, or cold, etc. Men like us are wired in such a way that if a woman is merely cold, we are sexually turned off. So anytime you hear someone accuse me of rape, please vouch for me – juju no go catch you. It is not possible for such to happen. There are many men who are wired like that. Continue reading “Opinion: Let’s talk about sex – Agunze Onwuka”