Opinion: Akwa Ibom and the bloody tears of our Oro brothers

By Daniel Etokidem

Certain atrocities cry out to God for vengeance. The land needs healing. The cry of our Oro brothers may one day unleash a fury of unimaginable proportion from the gods against Akwa Ibom and all its inhabitants. Not many may agree with me especially those who have continually conspired against the Oro nation for their personal benefit.

This state, history notes, was founded on a tripod. Many folks familiar with the story of our creation have affirmed this position. But what we have today is a bastardization of the accord we had at creation.

I felt like crying today but lacked the inner turbulence to generate the tears when I read news report of a motion at the floor of the Akwa Ibom State House of Aseembly by the Member representing Mbo State Constituency, Rt Hon. Effiong Etim Johnson, for the inclusion and recognition of Oro communities (Mbo, Okobo, Oron, Udung Uko and Urue Ofong/Oruko) as Oil and Gas Producing Communities and Catchment Areas.

For how long will the injustice Akwa Ibom as a state has meted out to our Oro brothers be allowed to continue? We claim there is peace and unity in the land. What a mirage. For more than three decades Akwa Ibom and it’s people have used politics to kill, maim, destroy and pull down one another than we have used politics to build, grow, nurture, empower, consolidate and unite one another.

Why do we keep mute against the cry of our Oro brothers and for how long would we remain hypocritical about what we ought to do to bring true healing, peace and reconciliation to the land? Must the Oro nation cry, beg and mourn before we accord them a status that is naturally & divinely theirs?

I duff my hat for Rt Hon. Effiong Etim Johnson and hereby call on ALL those concerned to rise up and do the needful. Oro nation deserves better. The present generation of leaders who to an extent have failed our founding fathers and the younger generation MUST rise up and halt this repressive and retrogressive action and policy that may further divide us the more.

If this state was created on a tripodial philosophy of the Ibibio, the Annang and the Oro nation, have we asked ourselves what crime the Oro nation committed against us that we perpetually treat them as infidels in a state their resources has contributed immensely to its growth, development and prominence?

This is not time for political speeches. The time to act is now. But can we rise above our party, ethnic, religious and personal divisions and do the needful? I doubt. Why? Because of politics. The same dirty, dangerous and destructive politics that has held us down for decades. I only feel bad that I am a minority whose tribe is now wrongly perceived as also being responsible for the enthronment of this systematic injustice against the Oro people.

Oro shall be free but how that will happen, I certainly do not know. Perhaps, Only God knows.

© By Dan Etokidem

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