By Providence Essien

It was Jack Welch who said before you are a leader success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others

Senator Chris Ekpenyong’s sojourn so far in the Senate has been a reflection of Jack Welch’s definition of a leader due to his superior ideology of growing his people, providing opportunities for growth and self-development. He believes leadership and philanthropy most go together which in its most basic form, entails being outstanding, affecting the people positively, providing solutions to individual problems, seeking ways to ensure effective representation and leaving a mark in the sands of time and on the people he is leading

Senator Ekpenyong’s ideology is basically, “ALL OF THINE, NONE OF MINE,” like a popular christian hymn. In his political and leadership life, he has shown that all he desires is to see people around him happy, satisfied and celebrating the achievement of a purposeful leadership

As a leader, unperturbed by attacks and blackmail, he has proved that capacity and competence should be the yardstick to measure a leader

As a Senator ,Chris Ekpenyong has offered a visible, impactful, dogged and sterling leadership style in the discharge of his duties of representing the interest, dreams and aspirations of the people of Ikot ekpene senatorial district; effectively presenting the concerns of the senatorial district in the red chambers of the National Assembly

Posterity will always remember this passionate leader and his superior ideology

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