Society: 3 projects an Igbo man does not fund along

By Azuka Onwuka

There are three critical projects an Igbo man is not expected to fund alone. His kinsmen are expected to join him to fund them to make the burden lighter for him. These are:
1. Building one’s residence
2. Marriage
3. Burial

The Igbos believe that every man must have a place to live, must marry, and must be properly buried. Each of these costs money. The Igbos believe that friends and kinsmen should rally round any person involved in any of such taxing projects. The only one that has slightly changed is the building of one’s home.

If a man is not rich enough to get a wife or bury his father or mother or wife, his kinsmen and friends would come together and raise the money to take care of the expenses involved in marriage or burial, as the case may be. But such a person could be ridiculed about it later in life. Continue reading “Society: 3 projects an Igbo man does not fund along”