Opinion: Let’s talk about sex – Agunze Onwuka

There are some basic points people need to know about sex.

Self-restraint or self-discipline is great but:

1. Not every man can rape a woman. To be able to rape a woman, a man has to be sexually turned on when a woman is struggling, crying, pleading, bleeding, drugged, unhappy, or cold, etc. Men like us are wired in such a way that if a woman is merely cold, we are sexually turned off. So anytime you hear someone accuse me of rape, please vouch for me – juju no go catch you. It is not possible for such to happen. There are many men who are wired like that.

2. Not every man can sleep with a child. The body of a child does not cause any sexual reactions in the body of a normal man. He does not even need anything like self-restraint when a child is involved. Only a paedophile can react positively (sexually) to a child.

3. A normal man can sexually react to a girl of 15 or 16 that looks mature, but then self-restraint dictates that her age makes her a minor and is therefore off-limits.

4. No normal man will be sexually attracted to his sister, daughter or mother, even when he sees any of them stark naked. Blood is thicker than water. Only mental illness will cause such to happen. A normal man does not need self-restraint in this matter.

So rape, paedophilia and incest do not just happen because men can’t control their sexual urges. They occur because there are men who are mentally sick. Unfortunately, these men cannot be known by their looks. So one has to be extremely careful and watchful. Just as there are sick men, there are also women who are sexually sick. Don’t be deceived by anybody’s pious claims. Caution is the word.

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